Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and Overview

    • Welcome and Overview

    • Navigating This Course

    • Course Workbook

  • 2

    Supplemental Lessons (For Those Who Need a Refresher)

    • Supplemental Lesson: Phrases and Clauses

    • Supplemental Lesson: Verbals

    • Supplemental Lesson: Prepositional Phrases

  • 3

    Modification Issues

    • Misplaced One-Word Modifiers and Participial Phrases

    • Review of Exercise on Misplaced One-Word Modifiers and Participial Phrases

    • Other Misplaced Elements

    • Review of Exercise on Other Misplaced Elements

    • Dangling and Squinting Modifiers

    • Review of Exercise on Dangling and Squinting Modifiers

    • Review of Cumulative Exercise on Modification Issues

  • 4

    Vague Constructions

    • The Broad "Which"

    • Review of Exercise on the Broad "Which"

    • The Broad "This" and "That"

    • Review of Exercise on the Broad "This" and "That"

    • A Note about "That"

    • Review of Cumulative Exercise on Vague Constructions

  • 5

    Illogical Constructions

    • The Possessive Case before a Gerund

    • QUIZ: Possessives before Gerunds

    • Review of Exercise on the Possessive Case before a Gerund

    • Faulty Comparisons

    • QUIZ: Faulty Comparisons

    • Common Redundancies and Absolutes

    • Begging the Question

    • QUIZ: Redundancies, Absolutes, and Begging the Question

    • Review of Cumulative Exercise on Illogical Constructions

  • 6

    Parallel Structure

    • Parallel Structure with Conjunctions

    • QUIZ: Parallel Structure with Conjunctions

    • Parallel Structure with Lists

    • QUIZ: Parallel Structure with Lists

    • Review of Exercise on Parallel Structure

  • 7

    Punctuation and Clarity

    • Logic and Clarity with the Oxford Comma

    • QUIZ: Logic and Clarity with the Oxford Comma

    • Logic and Clarity with Restrictive (Essential) and Nonrestrictive (Nonessential) Clauses

    • QUIZ: Logic and Clarity with Restrictive and Nonrestrictive Information

    • Review of Cumulative Exercise on Punctuation and Clarity

  • 8

    Course Review Exercise

    • Review of Cumulative Course Exercise

  • 9


    • Course Evaluation

What Others Are Saying

"A gifted lecturer who delivers content in an interactive and comprehensive fashion, Nancy has mastered the art of engaged presentations designed to enhance the writing skills of her audience."
The Hon. Justice Gillian Lucky, High Court of Trinidad and Tobago, Chair, Judicial Education Institute

"The program is outstanding. Nancy makes complex topics accessible with her clear explanations and helpful materials.  Her interactive program and lively presentation style (and sense of humor) make learning easy and enjoyable."
Margaret Perry, Senior State and Federal Appellate Attorney

"As a freelancer I have often consulted books and websites for grammatical advice.  Dr. Tuten is the best I've found.  She is the only one who anticipated my questions with straightforward answers and clear examples.  I look forward to consulting Get It Write Online every time I am confronted by a grammatical quandary."
Walter N., Freelance Writer

Dr. Nancy L. Tuten

Founder, Owner, and Instructor

Nancy Tuten

Nancy has taught hundreds of seminars on writing-related issues to professionals in the workforce, including employees of state and local governments, judges and staff members of state and federal court systems, bankers, and attorneys.

She served as a tenured professor of English at Columbia College, where she was dean of the Division of Communication, Languages, and Literature for eight years and director of the writing-across-the-curriculum program for fifteen years.

I make the grammar of sentence structure easy to understand and teach you the rules you need to know to be an effective and efficient proofreader and editor of your own work. 

If your writing looks professional, so do you.


  • Who is this course for?

    Anyone wanting to produce more polished and professional writing. Some of our students include judges, attorneys, bankers, federal and state employees, court reporters/recorders.

  • What if I know absolutely no grammar at all?

    The instruction assumes that students know very little grammar and includes definitions of terms and explanations to simplify complex topics.

  • Is there a specific start date or can I enroll at any time?

    You may enroll at any time and work at your own pace.

  • How much time will it take to work through this course?

    The entire course will take approximately 10 hours to work through, and you can work at your own pace. The lessons are bite sized and you can easily fit them into your schedule.

  • Will I have access to the instructor or a community?

    Yes! First, you are welcomed to email Nancy any time with your questions. She typically responds within hours and certainly within a day. You also have exclusive access to our Facebook community for learners and newsletter subscribers.

  • Do you offer discounts on your courses?

    Yes! I offer discount codes regularly for my email subscribers (go to the website to subscribe), and I offer deep per-course discounts to businesses

What Others Are Saying

"Nancy (Tuten) makes what could be a dry subject very interesting. She works to make the content relevant. The course was excellent."
Samantha Williams, Director of Training and Development, S.C. Department of Public Safety

"My entire office should enroll in this workshop. I wish I had taken it sooner. In the past, some of this information was difficult for me to understand, but not today."
Bonnie Ziegler, Personnel Services, S.C. Budget and Control Board Internal Operations

"This course was precisely what I needed. I cannot recall a single issue we covered that will not be extremely helpful. I now realize how much help I need to be effective in my written communication."
- Fred Lancaster, National Account Manager, United Parcel Service

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